Anyone who has lost a loved one can probably relate to this song. This song is for my grandma who passed in 2014. I write all my songs in Japanese so I translated it. I might post more songs here.

君の記憶 Your Legacy 歌詞 Lyrics:Alexis
誰ですか? Who are you?
私は以前の自分の殻です I’m just a shell of my former self
君が私の人生から連れ去られる前に Before you were taken from my life
私はとても無垢で I was so innocent
人生は世界で最も素晴らしいものだと思いました I thought that life was the most wonderful thing on this Earth.
君はずっとに生きると思った That you’d live forever
一緒、二人、ずっとずっとぉ Together, two people, forever and ever

毎日君のことを考えています I think about you everyday
君は私が幸せになりたいと思っています I know you want me to be happy
一緒に時間を過ごすことができないなんて信じられない I can’t believe we’ll never be able to spend time together
私は君に戻って欲しいだけです I just want you back
毎日の毎秒 Every second of everyday
毎時の毎分 Every minute of every hour
毎週の毎日 Every day of every week
毎月の毎週 Every week of every month
毎年の毎月 Every month of every year

私がそばにいなくて何年も経ったなんて信じられない I can’t believe how many years it’s been since you passed
君の望みは私の卒業生に会うことでした Your one wish was to see me graduate
その願いを叶えることさえできないと言わないで I can’t believe I can’t even fulfill that wish
自分が大嫌い I hate myself
世界が大嫌い I hate the world
すべてが大嫌い!I hate everything!

人々は君のことを忘れましたね? Did people forget about you?
君の場所で生まれた赤ちゃんはどこに誰ですか? Who is that baby born in your place?
君の葬式の出身者はどこですか? Where are the people who attended your funeral?
彼らはもう君のことを気にしていますか? Do they still care about you?
誰が君の遺産を今でも覚えていますか? Who still remembers your legacy?
私はすべてを覚えています I remember everything
おばあちゃんを愛しています I love you grandma
おばあちゃんがいなくて寂しい I miss you grandma
おばあちゃんに戻って欲しい I want you to come back grandma
傷ついた心の中に君の記憶がある Your memory is still there in my broken heart
ずっとずっと Forever and ever

  1. avoiceinthewoods 1 year ago

    that is a very beautiful song..back about 2 and a half years ago. in the span of 10 months. i lost my grandmother who was like a second mom to me..then my mother was taken by cancer by surprise…then my father who had been on hospice care for over a year..,,,,i understand your pain….and your words……….

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