What would that be for you?

Where would you live?

What challenges would you no longer want to experience?

What would be different in your day to day life?

Married? Not married? Have children? Not have children? A different job? The ability to have certain hobby? Travel more? Travel less? More friends? Less friends? Improve fitness? Scale down on fitness and balance your life in other ways? Make more money? Earn money? Better manage  the money that you earn?

I would love to hear your answers.  

I know my answers  and am working on growing where I am planted.   I feel restless and feel like I am living the wrong life.

 Yet, there are some factors we can’t “just change”….. It seems like all we do is improve (and appreciate)  what we have and work with what we have as options.   


Here is mine.

First I would be 23 again and not get married and not have children.    I would make a successful career  as a priority while on the side working with children as very involved “ adopted” aunt to neighbor children.    I would pay for the activities and instruments that their parents couldn’t afford and help pay for their college.   


What I did instead, I married at 23, had 3 children by the age of 30.   I limited my career working only part time due to raising children.   Then, I had to stop working to move for husbands career to a place with no jobs (unless you are medical, a teacher, or specialty in repair/ lawn service.)  I am having a hard time seeing hope of making my life better.   I feel trapped in the county surrounded by 🌽 corn  fields with no job or reason to leave the house……  

Someone else possibly would like to have my life on the outside looking in…..     It just doesn’t fit me…..

I guess I will drive to the lake later and read for a few hours….. I can escape through books.



🌺Please share about what you would change about your life! 



🌻What you keep the same about your life? 



I would keep……..

my vision,


the ability to eat and drink 


ability to read,


living in a safe area,

appreciation of nature (bodies of water, birds, clouds, etc)

My  hair 

Skin color (I don’t burn easily) proud to be American Indian too

eye color (green) they used to be hazel and I always wanted green eyes! Then, one day I woke up with green eyes! They used to to turn green before when I cried before but always went back to hazel.

long fingers good for knitting, typing and drawing etc 

artistic talent period 

a kind heart / people who get to know me feel loved, cherished and accepted 

the ability to speed read 

ability to survive challenges 

the ability to read people (body language observation skills) combined with good intuition 

I was loved by a wonderful neighbor was a nurse who inspired me to never drink, smoke or try drugs.   I don’t even take medicine for pain to this day.   She at one time was addicted to smoking, alcohol, and she had a son in law who was addicted to drugs.   She made sure I stayed on a healthy path compared to what she was on at one time.  She used her experience and those of patients my age back then as examples of what not to even try.    She made a huge difference in my life.    My alleged parents were thumbs down and she filled in the gaps to make me the person I am today.   

-the ability to decorate on a budget

-above average pain tolerance with injures and headaches 

-having a long waist (makes a big difference in how clothes fit) and weight doesn’t settle in the stomach compared to short waists like my husband battles  and always has 

-bravery to walk away from toxic / abusive people (when possible) and wisdom of how to deal with toxic / abusive people when waking away / cutting them out of my life isn’t a option 



Lacey 🌸



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