First the scare, I went to the lake and brought plenty of water,- book, a sun hat, did the sunblock etc.   It sounds good right?  It became 90 degrees with high humidity.    I suddenly felt dizzy, confused and over heated! I couldn’t even figure out where I had parked my car.   The fear of fainting was real and a possibly! I saw a little shade area and moved over to it and drank even more water.     After a while, I felt less dizzy and not like I was going to faint.    Then, I made it slowly and successfully to my car.   

Now, the opportunity that I turned down.   I have never ridden a jet ski.    Yesterday, when I was reading on a bench within view of the dock, a man approached me asking if I wanted to ride on his jet ski with him.    I said no thanks for safety reasons and it didn’t seem to be right.   Married people shouldn’t ride on a jet ski with a man she isn’t married to I think.   Bad things can happen to women who don’t assume the worst about people.    If I wasn’t married and I was there with someone else, or even a group and everyone was jet skiing in the same area of this big lake…. Then, if I knew one of his friends who could vouch that he wasn’t thumbs down character toward others, was a good driver, didn’t drink or or do drugs, etc.  I know of someone who lost a leg on a jet ski due to a drunk boat driver hitting her.   The lake had a lot of boat and possibly drunk or distracted drivers on it.  

  It sure would of been fun to ride on a jet ski though! It was a kind offer of the man to share his jet ski.  I was polite and did appreciate his offer.   It could of been fun.   I am just so responsible and over think things.    Plus, I am good at worrying! It is a good and bad thing thing! 

The weather is about to change here which leads to me getting headaches and I am against taking even legal drugs like pain medicine unless it is really bad intolerable pain.   It is going on a week of this headache! 

lt is midnight and the crickets and county nature sounds are loud.    The moon is  full.    My head hurts.     

I hope you that everyone is either sleeping well (or if they opt to be up or work 3rd shift, are safe and content.)


Lacey 🌸



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