“I am sorry how I handled it.” Then, he said bye.   It happened years ago and left me feeling puzzled.



I wish he would of said, “ I didn’t treat your right and you deserved better.    If I could do over again, I would of cherished and loved you with all of my heart.   It would of been nice to have more good memories than memories of being cruel, controlling, and untrustworthy toward you.   I am terrible sorry and will always regret losing you.”


A wise person said that we shouldn’t look for healing from the people who hurt us.  

It would be lovely though if closure was part of unhealthy relationships.     Closure is something that we have to create for ourselves in these situations.     

Someday, I will feel more relief than grief.    

Sometimes, I feel like a failure because my love for him wasn’t enough.    He opted to treat me poorly verses to love and cherish me.

Thank you for reading! 

I hope that you have a lovely and safe day! 

Lacey 🌼


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