I have been combating depression and anxiety for a long time. I have seen people here seeking help for their mental illness-related problems. Unfortunately, we live in a society where even in the 21st century there is no importance of mental health issues. People struggle and die at the end by suffering from anxiety and depression. People with schizophrenia are left alone on their own. Obviously, when one cannot figure out a way out, he eventually plans suicide. Anxiety is one of the most debilitating mental disorders. The National Institute of Mental Health estimates that 40 million American adults suffer from debilitating anxiety. Anyone who’s battling the disorder knows how terrifying its symptoms can be. Fortunately, there are strategies you can employ to mitigate these symptoms and live normally. I recently read some unpopular yet highly proven hacks to manage and support your mental illness. I felt like it is worth sharing. 7 Proven Hacks for Easing Debilitating Anxiety Reading this I came across a mentioned solution which says accept yourself and accept the reality. It really touched me. The problem with us is that we do not accept ourselves. Mental illness is not something we should ashamed of. It’s a condition and will not last forever. I really got into this article and wanted to read more. Being someone with anxiety and depression issues I wanted to explore more positivity like this. I came across a very motivational thing which definitely has lifted my morale. A Surprising List of 13 Famous People with OCD . Reviewing this I was much motivated. Celebrities have always been an inspiration and idol to us. We try to follow their footprints in fashion and daily life. I spotted a few of my favorites on the list. My first thoughts, if they can live accepting their mental health issues with such amazing career and success why can’t I? I mean by the end of the day we all are human. This is very motivational and has touched me. Gave me new hope and positivity. Nothing is impossible in this world. All wanted is inner will.
Have a good day everyone. 🙂


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