Hi everyone! Happy Saturday!

Did you sleep well last night?

Do you have any special plans today?

Is there anything that you lookout forward to that is coming up soon?

Is there anything that you are dreading?

What are you putting off doing?

How are your loved ones doing?

I hope that everyone had a terrific day yesterday and have a wonderful weekend ahead of you! 

Yesterday, I did everything to the best of my ability to have the best Friday as possible.  

What did I accomplish? 

– got ready, showered, dressed (etc) for day early in morning and drove to grocery store while the sun was coming up

– took care of all the pets 

-took care of all the plants 

-took picture of the sunrise and later of the white puffy clouds 

-made homemade soup (potatoes, carrots, black beans, red beans, a onion. oregano seasoning, garlic seasoning)

-did the laundry 

-cleaned / maintained the bathrooms 

-made up the beds

-lit scented candles

-maintained clean kitchen 

-did my daily human behavior reading / research 

It all worked well (productive and busy) but of course as the evening arrived, a few tears fell from my eyes.   Hurtful situations from the past tend to come up in my thoughts in the evening.

 I am about to read a book about understanding why people can be unkind to others.   Why are they so cruel? What happened to make them they way they are? How can they walk around being okay with themselves after being intentionally unkind? I wonder….

I struggle with accepting that it all had nothing to do with my self worth and that when they showed me the their true colors (character/ what they were capable of ) it was a unintentional gift 🎁 to me.   

Someday, I will feel more relief than grief. 

Meanwhile, I am putting one foot 🦶 in front of another to get to a better place! 

Thanks for listening! 

Sending hugs and positive thoughts to everyone

Lacey 🌼


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