Hi everyone! 

Please remember that the decisions that you made in the past were based on what you knew then.

If you are struggling and doing your best, it is good enough! 

Remember there is no “should” in how you feel because your feelings are important and valid even if no one seems to understands.

Tears are beautiful and you matter.   Cry if you need to and be proud of your bravery and feeling your emotions.  

Scream at the wind if you need to let out frustration or anger.  

It is human to have feelings and you don’t have to act happy or fine all the time.  

Be human.  

Be vulnerable.  

Ask others how they feel.  


 Tell people how you feel.  

Be vulnerable.

 We can all be human together.  

You are not ever alone.  

You are loved and valued. 

Breathe in and out slowly with a hand on your heart when you feel anxious  

I am proud of you for being you    You are always good enough   

Sweet dreams everyone.


🌼 Lacey 

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  1. jrob77 10 months ago

    Lacey, thank you for being brave and sharing. I definitely needed to hear your words of wisdom.

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