So this guy E was my boyfriend a loong time ago. Back when i was 15 and now we are adults those feelings are still there. I have no reason to still feel this way but I get excited when he like or comments on anything i post on FB. I had him on Instagram but he deleted his profile, same things with snapchat. He is my friend on Fb. I often find myself looking at his profile even though i check it 2 or 3 days before.

I try to be logical and everytime he messages me I get super excited that never happens with other people. I hold back from shoeing him I like him because I have a feeling he is seeing other people. I could be making this up in my head that I want him. I keep thinking about how we could be if we start dating but I told myself I want to be alone aka single for over a year or until I move out of  my mothers house.

I really like this guy he is my type physically but I keep telling myself that, that isnt enough. Is he a nice person? do our personalities work together? Is his character aline with mine? these are important things i learned to look or take in consideration.

I just have a strong desire to be round him and know more about him. I wanna know him like no one else does thats where i find myself creeped out with myself. I can’t help but be happy when he contacts me. I cant help but get excited if he post a new picture. I have never had strong feelings like this for anyone. So right now i’m ignoring it and playing it cool.

I don’t reach out to him unless he wants to talk to me. I just think if he wants to pursue me he will when he wants too. but lately nothing of the sort has been happening and i’ve decided to keep focusing on myself.

Any advice or thoughts LMK.


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