Well, soon i after i as done posting my other blog, a friend stopped by our dorm and invited us to dinner. Unfortunately the place in mind was only doing take-out at the time. so we brought the food back to my room. we were all laughing and eating and having a good time.

AAAAAnnd then the night went to [email protected]$%. the friends roommate started saying perverted things and making perverted noises. knowing that my roommate does not like that. but we asked her politely to stop. and she did, only to start back up a couple minutes later. i immediately ignored her and didn't pay much attention to her. but my roommate could not drown her out. She is very Christian in faith and does not like that. she says she is only able to handle my pervertedness, knowing that i know when to stop and when it is appropriate.. she tried to pull it off as best she could, but her laugh. she laughs in situations when she doesn't want to show embarrassment, anger, or nervousness. At that moment she was both mad and embarrassed.

But we still picked up and moved things back into place. I when to ask for something of the friend. when i when back to return it, my roommate went along as well. little did i learn that she had a peanut in her pocket that she then threw at the friends roommate. Just as a joke. not trying to be mean.

We go back to our room and finish cleaning up. my roommie hears a knock, we open the door to find peanuts inf ront of our door. And my roommate returned them to the front of their door. I just watched as she left them there and presided to the restroom.

Gone for less than a minute and an argument had broken out in front of the friends door. I walk over there not knowing what the hell was going on. then i heard. but what could i do. i could not leave my roommate alone even though i wanted to leave there badly and avoid the whole thing. And of course the friend had to side with her roommate. but we were both just caught in the middle.

Just as i was feeling okay. this had to happen. stupid thing was, both of then=m were pulling out different events that happened during the night to justify there actions.

now my night is ruined. and i have a feeling i shall cry myself to sleep tonight.

why do i even try to be happy.

hope everyone is having a good night.


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