Seriuosly! I am passes angry right now. i am freaking pist-off!!!!. I was on FB going through my news feed right. and i see this status a girl posted. she was saying that she was hung over. i'm not mad at the comment. i'm more pist at the fact the she was my former roommate. she was the one that told me "ladies" shouldn't drink!!!!!!!! that i shouldn't drink!!! that because i a m conservative in something i can't go and do other things that are not conservative. i shouldn't mix the two!!!!!!!!!! gosh! i'm soo freaking pist, i'm shaking. B^%@) !!!! I can do whatever the F%*( i want!!!!!!! as long as i don't become a hypacrite. I drink and i'm responsible. unlike her hypocritical ass. I got drunk once and got sobered up really qiuck the way my friend was acting. i drank again. but i only allowed myself one drink. F%$* anybody can try to force me or make me drink but i won't. I will not drink past the limite i have allowed myself. that girl said she was a lady and doesent mix conservative with other thinks. she said she doesn't drink and she will not get drunk. but there she goes getting drunk. am i not a lady cuz i like to drink once and a while. is it wrong to keep somethings and add to them some rebelion. F&%* I cover myself up, i was raised catholic, i am invested in my studies, and i am responsible. so what. I also like to wear things that are a bit revealing to a certain extent, i am working on getting piercings and tattoes, i can study and have fun, and i like to go out sometimes. That is me. Am i not a lady because of that? if not then F&^$ you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And if your a lady. then this word better get ready for complete failure!

Sorry if this is weird. but i just needed to get this out. i just can't stand it. she was busy telling what i should do and what i should be. then she turns around and does the things she told me not to do… that just enraged me. luckily she's not my roommate any more or i would have to deal with her. any who. sorry.

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  1. starlove 9 years ago

    If you are on depression tribe, you'd do well not to drink again.  I drank and did drugs for years in a sad attempt to numb childhood trauma only to find out that all that did was create external and internal chaos. After I quit a few bad habits, I was proud of who I was, could think clearly, and realized I didn't give a flying shit what other's said, did, or thought. My advice to you. Take it for what it's worth as I am pushing 50 and have lived it. L.A. My best to you.

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