I'm back in school!!!! meaning i passed all my classes with a C or better! Why am i sad though? well… i'm all alone… again. i'm in a new hall and it is known for it's drama. Persons with depression don't need drama. but what can i do. i don't even know my roommate. i haven't seen her at all. i haven't even heard from my friends (if i can even call them that).

But i cannot get into the cycle again. i ave to keep positive. yet it is hard to do when i know that my mother is sick at home. the stupid electrical stromes that passed by took out the power at the hospital. and now i don't even know when shi's going to have her surgery. even worse, i wasn't able to teach my brother how to give my mom her insulin. I'm really worried about that. since my mom got sick i have been sleeping with her to make sure she was okay and breathing and help her if she needed to get up. now that i'm at school again, i worry more. i know my dad won't take care of her. and my brother is at school or at the gym or getting high.

damn…. i really don't want to be here. i've been wait listed in most of my classes anyway. and i need just one more class for 12 units. but i don't know the RA here, and i want to ask her/him about the "fun" classes they have here. AHHHHHHHH. they really need an emoticon that is pulling it's hair out.

I don't know what to do. wat to try. what to think. i have a million thoughts in my head. i just need someone to talk to…. i guess. before you suggest friends… i've tryed already. that is why i'm bloging.

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  1. Andie372 9 years ago

    Sounds like you're under some stress. Your Mom wouldn't want you to worry about her, shed want you to focus on your studies. I'm sure the doctors will take care of her

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