That’s what people all around me do daily

every second, they are breating

the air that escapes me

the air that doesn’t come to me

the air that can’t fill my lungs

the air that I can fl but never have

That’s that I feel when i battal

I battal for breath

everyday, the water flows in

memories, they flow in like water

chokeing, halting, strangling,

battleing for breath I star after the water as i manage to breath in once bfore the water returns


blood runs down my arm, the sting of the blade had let me breath

again, drag the blade

drag it across scarred flesh

marred skin

ugly marks

drag the blade over and over, gulp in th air while it lasts

on cut

two cut

three cut


breath one,

breath two,

breath three,


just one more, i plead

battaling for breath

now I can’t breath at all

th blade has been dragged over my neck

over my wrists

battal fro breath

heare the sirins, the scream

battal for breath, they scream

battal for breath no longer, I see

the darknss calls me

no more battal every day


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