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I\'ve recently been doing a lot of writing and I have developed a small cast of characters which is constantly growing.

I have just finished a character profile for a high school bully, and I wondered if anybody here would be willing to share their thoughts on this character profile? Here is the character profile:


Buck Shaun Brussel A.K.A "Bombsmith"

Talent: Buck has always been the comedic person that sticks out like a sore thumb. Always laughing and playing pranks, Buck didn\'t take long to become popular amongst his peers. As he grew older and went into high school however, his talent became detrimental to those around him. His ability to play pranks for laughs and gags reached new heights when he found that adolescents mostly found it funny to incur pain and misery upon anyone who showed that they were in some way weaker than them. This, said with dread and disbelief, is Buck Brussel\'s biggest talent – One of the resident bullies.

Fear / Secret: It took a while after Buck started at high school before anybody actually learnt his surname. The name Brussel is one that Buck used to dread back in his primary school as he used to get called "Buck the Brussel Sprout". This has since caused him to have heightened sensitivity whenever anybody so much as mentions the word "Brussel" or "Sprout", and can cause Buck to react very violently to any person, whether adolescent or adult, who dared utter those words.

Social Personality: Dealing with a prankster-turned-bully can always be a very risky business. You never know when they are going to be serious on the rare occasion, or when a vicious prank is brewing behind those deceptively clueless eyes. Buck has always been difficult to connect with, and the only "friends" he ever had were other bullies that found it better to join him than to feel his wrath. Having said that, Buck was not the highest in the hierarchy of bullies in high school, and should he ever cross the path of bullies higher than himself, you would see a very different, petty suck up who would desperately either try to gain standing or stay out of their path.

Family: One of the many things that are to blame for Buck\'s childish and corrosive lunacy is his family relations. Buck never had a very expansive close family of his own, but he was a cousin to the _______ family and in that high school, they were one of the big names that you wanted to steer clear of. They weren\'t the top of the chain, but you can guarantee that Buck would more often than not be seen with them walking the halls of the school, or playing his usual pranks in class with them. One could almost say that the ______ family were in a way, a safety blanket for Buck as he went through his teens.

Best Friend: Connecting with Buck as an honest best friend was impossible, it just couldn\'t be done! So the next best thing would be to become his dogsbody, roaming around with him to increase his standing, just so you could be accepted and not rejected. This dogsbody came in the form of Digger Manfield. Digger was an overgrown powerhouse that most of the time lacked any real intelligence to make conscious decisions of his own. He was always right at home as Buck\'s right hand man, and willingly would commit any foul deed that Buck would order him, regardless of the consequences that fell upon him.

Enemy / Antagonist: Buck never really had a feel for antagonistic forces in his life, but maybe there was such a force that he didn\'t consciously think of. He would spend a lot of his time trying to play up to his cousin\'s reputation, and from there, the reputation of other bullies at the high school. From this, you could always catch a glimmer of jealousy and the down-trodden look of rejection that would creep across his face every time that the other bullies would just walk on by, taking very little notice of Buck


So yeah! Hopefully you all enjoy the above read and any feedback at all would be much much appreciated! 🙂

NOTE: The ______ family has yet to be developed but I have the skeleton of the family sorted 🙂



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  1. frolic30 11 years ago

    Thanks for posting this Andy! It was a good read – I\'m sure the other characters will be just as interesting 🙂

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