I was thinking on how much I might have missed by not getting close to some people because of my anxiety, low confidence and depression. Because of the walls I've build around me. For whenever people were afraid to get closer because I seem 'weird', for all those times I choose to stay quiet and let they walk away without trying to explain myself or say deep down I want to get closer too. Then I think of all the times I have been wrongly judge by people . Of times I too did not make right decisions and misunderstood people, I can´t dare to say I am better than other since I am not perfect either. I still think sometimes humanity can be a selfless race of animals but I know there are lots of good people who are caring and do apreciate things.

How much have I missed, maybe because of my walls I missed out on those caring people to be around me. Im so lonely now and I don't know how to connect with people and sometimes I get dragged in negativism, hate, confussion and pain. I had the chance to make the distant of the connection smaller but it grew to big. I realise it was my mistake too. But atleast I have learned something:

Dont judge diffirent things and people who might seem diffirent than you and your beliefs. Try to get to know them and learn new stuff instead of argueing and creating commotions, you never know what's in it and at the end of the day you might have find out something you didn't know and even enoy the expierence yourself and made new friends. If not then it doesnt matter you didn't lose anything, you'd still be where you was.

So I think instead of creating war, lets create new possibilities.


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  1. southernwillow 13 years ago

     beautifully written  I  know what you mean…Im different too and feel  that alot of pple  dont wanna be around me cause of negativity  or whatever reason..Im here too  come on over and let me get to know you …take care.

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