I wish we could write our own mood above instead of having to select it from a list. My mood right now is numb. That's what I would say.

Last night Mom told me Dad is quitting dialysis. He is tired. He has always said that when his quality of life went down he'd quit. He says he wants to get the 2012 taxes turned in first. We'll see if that happens. He has stayed 3 years or more behind for a long time. He got caught up once so he could go overseas with 2 granddaughters. (Mom wouldn't let him go unless he did). But then hefell back into the same old pattern. If you do not owe the IRS you can be 3 or more years behind. In fact, he has something like a $40,000 credit with the IRS. It goes against everything he taught us. That's giving the IRS free use of his and Mom's money. He could be earning interest. He had me drive 15 miles one day to go pick up a $4000 check when it could have waited one day when I would have been that way anyway. But nooooo, he had to have it and deposit it for the interest. Crazy, huh? Do your 2012, 2013 & 2014 taxes so you can get the $40,000 back, OK? He is leaving us a paperwork nightmare. He has done deals we know nothing about. So how will we know what to report?

Anyway, I am sad that he will die soon. He might live 2 weeks after he stops. I'll go be with them when he does so I can be there when he dies. I want to be there for my Mom and all. And I want to see him more. Somehow, you just never can have enough of someone you love, even when they drive you batty!


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