Teen Struggles with Parents

60.1% of teens have depression and don’t get it treated. There are a multitude of reasons why teens don’t get treated whether it is a financial situation, teens and parents not recognizing the signs, or teens not talking about it to anyone. As part of this statistic (I have bi-polar depression and untreated for two years now and counting) I know what it’s like to be trapped, alone, and unable to communicate my hurt to anyone. If your reading this and wondering “Why doesn’t she talk to her parents or a responsible adult?” then let me explain. There are a multitude of reasons why myself and others don’t speak out about it for example…

  • Uneasy or Uncomfortable talking to parents
  • Afraid to be seen differently by anyone
  • Afraid to hurt your parent or care-giver
  • Struggles to communicate feelings and thoughts
  • Toxic Relationships whether that be with parents, S.O., or friends
  • Stressful events or people

The list can honestly go on and on. These examples are relatable to me and to many others. Sometimes us teens don’t have a good relationship with our parents and no relationship is the same. It just depends on your family dynamic and its ok to not have the relationship to open up to your parents. The same goes for your friends. I love my friends and there great but I don’t want to get them involved in my personal life and to look at me any differently. So on the days I feel the worst, those are the days that I fake being happy the most. (btw I am the funny friend in the group so that just shows you that anyone can put a fake face and everyone thinks your ok) I don’t want them seeing a darker side of me and treat me differently. This is part of the problem of so many teens (myself included) not wanting to be seen differently by their family and friends. Sometimes it’s extremely hard to tell others how much your struggling and need help and I have not been able to communicate that to my parents or a responsible adult. There are so many of us out there feeling similar to me and I am grateful for this platform to talk to people who are experience similar or the same problems and struggles.

Source: https://www.parents.com/kids/teens/depression/teen-depression-statistics-causes-and-treatment/

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  1. exochxi 2 years ago

    I talked to my mom about getting a therapist but she doesnt believe in therpists unless its because of a trauma. She also always says that me and my sister dont have problems and dont even have reasons to be sad which makes me insecure on how i feel about things. Because of her I dont know if im being dramatic about things.

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