Hey, so i decided i was going to write a blog daily, just to let people know what i’m going through. So I have had depression for 2 years, the main causes were my brother leaving for the military and one of my best friends died the month before he left. It was really hard on me but my family seemed to get over her death super quick, so I put a smile on my face and pretened like everything was fine. And everyone believed me to , except for my other best friend she noticed imediatly that something was wrong . When she finally asked me if I was ok I told her “I’m trying my best to be ok, but it’s hard.” She gave me a hug and told me it would be ok, and that she had been hurting as well. She also let’s me know on a daily bases that one day we can leave. We can leave all the pain and everything and everyone who hurt us far behind. Last night after I joined I talked with griffeeginger1 and it helped so much. It was like somone had lifted a giant weight off my shoulders. Today is gonna be better than yesterday I just know it.


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