Hi! 👋 I hope that everyone is doing well! If not ((hugs))  I hope tomorrow is a better day!


I broke a toe, then next day…

I cut a finger cutting open a watermelon.

This evening? I broke my pinky finger! The good news is that it has been broken before and I still own a finger splint and know how to reset my own broken bones.   (Fingers and toes)

Other wise. the left side of me is grateful to not be injured! ::::knock on wood::::::

My mood is better.   Thanks for letting me  share the other challenging days!

I decorated for Fall on Labor Day.

Today was a stay in my pajamas day and watch movies! I was already limping from the broken toe and that led to me breaking a pinky finger! I need to stay away from the stairs and get out my crutches.   Wait, I can’t use crutches with a broken pinky finger…..  Life is never boring is it! It started with a ear infection which caused me to feel dizzy.  I broke the toe because of this reason.   Any way, tomorrow looks like another movie day mixed with using my not dominant hand for everything that I can do!

I hope that everyone is having a safe and healthy evening.

Lacey 🌸


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