I’ve been struggling with depression since I’ve been 18 and it’s getting worse. This summer has been particularly bad. Family problems, bad therapist, and bad friends have made this entire year distressing. I’m reluctant to look for a new therapist because the last one was so bad. It’s best that I’m alone. I don’t belong here. I don’t belong anywhere. I’m always a better friend to others than they are to me. People that I’ve thought were good people all turned out to be selfish, callous, narcissists. There is no cure or solution to my depression. There is no one that can help me. There’s no one in my life to talk to. No one cares. I have no friends. I have no one. The only thing that can end my depression is my death.  I have no reason for being alive.

  1. jibstank 3 months ago

    We all deserve life. I have suicidal thoughts myself, feel a lack of self worth and all that jazz… I have to remind myself regularly that I’m not as terrible as I think, I’m not a bad guy, I didn’t do anything wrong. But it’s hard when people don’t try or simply can’t understand where you’re coming from, or when they simply don’t care. You read my last blog, that’s kinda how my “friendships” have been all my life.

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  2. Author
    allworld2000 3 months ago

    It’s definitely a struggle to deal with. Most people lack empathy. Most people are generally apathetic. Most people put little or no effort into a friendship or any kind of relationship and treat you as the villain if you speak up about it. I’d rather be isolated than be around them.

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  3. therewillbeaday2000 3 months ago

    Here if you ever need to talk, there’s messaging on here.

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