Day 1

Feeling a bit positive depsite it being a Monday. I woke up to Dad singing his heart out to the radio already playing Christmas songs, and he reminded me of my plan for the future. So I have made a plan for the present. Every day, I'm going to write about the positives I have in my life, and list the negatives with an action plan for each of them. I am going to aim to get 4 positives every day.

Nobody has to read or comment on them, this is just a tactic to get me through this time in limbo.

Today's Positives

My boyfriend texted me a cute compliment.

Shopping with my dad for Christmas presents.

Feeling of an appetite.

Good night sleep


Woke up with spots all over my face. Going to have a pamper night tonight.

Got rejected from a job. They were just jealous.

Good luck to everyone today.

Day 2

Cannot be bothered going to the Job Seekers centre. There is absolutely no point in it, I just get told that it will take another month to get my money processed. They haven't helped me get a job. But at least I'm up early so I won't lie in bed all day

Todays Positives

Seeing my friend today

Tickets for the New Years Party arrived


Have a bored attitude. 

Day 3

Today has been a good day. I've re-applied for university and started my new job. Everyone is really friendly there and I'm enjoying it. My mum bought me a bottle of wine to celebrate. I've also made plans for the weekend, and I can't wait to see my friends again. I also got medication from the doctors but I can't decide if I should take them. 


Applied for university and had a good catch up with my favourite teachers.

Started my new job and got off to a good start.

Made plans for the weekend and ordered my boyfriend his birthday present.


In turmoil over taking medication or not.

  1. JenDel 5 years ago

    lol I love this post! I am actually smiling. Sweet!

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  2. ConcreteRose 5 years ago

    That's pretty cool action plan!!  

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  3. chammy 5 years ago

    Day 1 Entry 2

    Shopping was a disaster. My dad tried his best to encourage me to buy things for my friends, but I feel so disconnected from them that I have no idea what to get them. When I'm at home, all I want to do is go out and do something. But when I'm outside, all I think about is going home to be safe. I don't know how to fix this.

    I had a huge cry when I got back home and found out my gym class is cancelled tonight. Seriously? I shouldn't be this upset. I just wanted to cry from the moment I stepped out my house this morning. I can't be bothered making an effort to go out anymore.

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  4. chammy 5 years ago

     Day 1 Entry 3

    Can't stop crying. I hate my life. I just want to be at university with my friends next year. Why am I stuck here?  I know it can be a lot worse, and I could have abusive parents etc. I have a wonderful supporting family and everything going for me, and the finance to do anything I want. So why can't I enjoy my life? I feel so empty and pointless. I just want to hibernate until September next year. I can't escape my reality of boredom and worthlessness. 

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  5. chammy 5 years ago

     Day 1 Entry 4

    So my mum came back from work shouting at me to make a change in my life. My parents are so worried about me but they are fed up. I just want to be myself around them, and not have to fake happiness around them like I do around my friends. Since I have been diagnosed, I've hardly been able to sit in my room and mope for a couple of hours. I usually cry the pain out and then go for a walk. That's how I deal with it, but they don't like me being alone. My mum threatened not allowing me to go to university next year unless I started to act happier. I couldn't believe it. She has depression herself and I thought she would understand how difficult it is to suddenly change. I only left university a month a go. I've come to terms with how s*** it was, and look forward to trying again. University next year is the only thing keeping me going and she is threatening to take it away. Why don't they understand? The only reason I am feeling this way is that I'm lonely and feel like my life has been put on hold. I just want to have my friends back or something useful to do to get a degree.

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  6. chammy 5 years ago

     Day 2 Entry 1

    Going to sleep happy

    Tomorrows Goal

    To have a proper belly laugh while watching favourite comedian on TV

    Plan for Tomorrow

    Get Job Seekers Allowance Money

    Finish application for university

    Go to the gym

    Make dinner for parents

    Apply for more jobs

    Buy boyfriend a Christmas present.

    Have a good night everyone. Don't let the night bring you down. It's hard to get to sleep with so many troubles but tomorrow could be the day it all turns around. Good luck and I'll see you all tomorrow.

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  7. chammy 5 years ago

     Day 2 Entry 2

    I got a job today which is great. I have an excuse to go out and do something productive.

    Although I told my boyfriend about my job, and he didn't sound impressed at all. In the middle of the phonecall, he got interrupted and he said he would call me back. That was two hours ago. I'm so annoyed at him. 

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  8. chammy 5 years ago

     Day 5 Entry 1

    I have an interview later today and I'm so nervous for it. It's a lifeguard job and I should have studied the theory of lifesaving but everytime I think about sitting down and learning out of a book, I feel nervous. It seems that university has put a negative association to academic learning. I don't trust myself anymore. This cannot mean good things. Although I have time on my hands, I have so many things I need to do. I need to keep applying for jobs, learn to drive, do the chores to help out, do well at my job, clear out my room and do a massive pile of ironing. I need to get rid of this fear of studying by university next year.


    Meeting friend for coffee tomorrow

    Hot-tub party TONIGHT!!! 

    Busy day

    Only 1 week left until my boyfriend is back from university


    Job interview nerves

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  9. chammy 5 years ago

     Day 5 Entry 2

    Properly messed up that interview, but I didn't want it anyway. Had a good day today. I can't seem to stop watching Frozen Planet. It's incredible. Although, when I felt slightly down, I couldn't stop crying over baby penguins 🙁 lmao! Keep strong guys.


    Met up with friend

    Getting a takeaway with dad for tea

    Wine and hot-tub party later!


    None! FOR ONCE.

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  10. chammy 5 years ago

     Day 7 Entry 1

    It feels years since I started this diary. Time goes so slowly. I had another breakdown today. I don't understand. I spent the whole day with my friends and had a great time. As soon as I got back home, I started to feel it coming on. I went for a walk, I listened to happy music and watched my favourite shows. I was feeling ok for about 2 hours and then the depression came on completely. I wanted to run away. I phoned a helpline for an hour and I felt better. My parents told me to be honest about my depression, so when they got back they yelled at me.

    They told me not to be so self-involved and self-pitying and I spoilt their night. I felt terrible. I have been trying to talk to my personal friends less and less and to people who are trained to help to take the pressure of my personal relationships. Why was I being punished for it?

    I also had a falling out with my boyfriend. I texted him when he tried to phone in the middle of my phonecall to the helpline that I was too tired to talk and wanted to go to bed. He knows about my depression and saw the warning signs and tried to phone again. Then when I got off the phone, my parentscame in and got mad at me when I tried to text him saying I'll phone him later. I didnt finish the text and my parents didnt let me leave for about 30 minutes. He switched his phone off (which he never does) and refused to answer his landline for about an hour and was nearly crying when he finally answered. I feel like I am treating him badly and making him feel pressured. I hate making people feel bad because of the way I'm feeling. 

    I'm about to start my anti-depressants. I can't feel this way for much longer.

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  11. chammy 5 years ago

     I decided to take my medication. It feels weird knowing I'm relying on medicine to make myself feel better. I don't like to rely on things. 

    I don't know what to do with myself. There are so many things I would like to do, like draw or play xbox games but I just end up sitting on my laptop or watching tv. I have so many things I could be doing but I can't be bothered. I just want my boyfriend back home.

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  12. chammy 5 years ago

    I don't want to just get through life, I want to enjoy it.. 

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  13. chammy 5 years ago

     Day 8 Entry 1

    I can feel the sad numbing feeling coming over me again.. I'm so hungry but don't find any food appetising. I just feel sick. I am trying to keep busy by cleaning and wrapping presents but I just feel so tired and sad. I want to cry but nothing in particular is bothering me. I really want a cuddle. It's so weird that one simple hug from someone can make every bad thing go away. My special someone is 80 miles away. I miss him.

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  14. chammy 5 years ago

     I can't shake off this depressing feeling. I just want to crawl into bed and cry. Why? I have a job and my friends are back, and my application for university has been sent away.. Will I ever be happy?


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