As I entiled this blog "Diskussion über Erbrechen blutigen Scheiße" ->"talk about vomiting bloody shit",


Seems like those I think I know I can trust, view me as being some subitem that they can take advanage of. Even the folks I talk with about in great deth about my issues with trusting others, who assure me many times that I can count on them; who have also gone as far as to (I bet mockly) call me their "friend".

(will post detials of the background info, at a later date or time)

But this guy who has worked at the place, for as long as I have lived there.

has NOW I KNOW FAULTLY befriended me. well like hmm maybe a hour ago now, was at the table in the diner room. when this hand-licking, crazed guy who likes to spit in his hands, pick at his anus/bottocks, sometimes touches his genitals, also picks his nose, who can help but when sees unattended food, touch it, eats it, or steals it, is pacing back and forth for the living room to the dining room (where i'm sitting, with food that is mine) than I had to go to the bathroom real bad, WAITED bout 15 minutes in hope the crazed guy would go up stairs, than it gets so bad, I can barely hold it, so I asked the worker as nicely as I could (the one who thinks he had fooled me in to believing he's my friend), if he could watch my stuff while I went to the bathroom, he replyed, No i'm cooking dinner and only have 25 minutes left, so I tried to still remain nice, and was like well I'll only be a second, and he stilled refused to watch my stuff, so I asked him if he could at least watch it from the kitchen, and he said nohe couldn'tstill; So I was forced to wait still the crazed dude was in the living room, and try to listen to make sure he wouldn't go in the dining room where my stuff was unattended. well as I was trying to go as quick as I could, I heard the crazed dude walk down the hall to the dining room, Damn that was a close one (had to act/go unhealthy quick though)

Wasn't to happy about that so I called Mr. "you can trust me were freinds" supervisor and told her about what happen. got off the phone with that only for a scoding from Mr. "you can trust me were freinds" , in which he stated I don't care, I don't give a shit, you can get me fire I don't are, asked him if I could record him saying that to me, hesaidyes, than I asked him if Ihad his permission to record to show his supervisor, and he said no, butyou can, cause you're going to do it anyway, so instead of recording Icalled his supervisor again, putit on speaker phone, and tried to get Mr. "you can trust me were freinds"to say he didn't care yaddi yaddi yahdso his supervisor could hear. But assoon as it was ringing, hekept his month got off the phone with his supervisor, pissed as a hornet, that he could honestlytake avandage of me, like K1 jelly. went out of the room to talkaway from where anyone could hear, and called his supervisor again to try to explain what was going on. (will edit this later with more detials) got off the phone with her, a few minutes later she called the house as opposed to my cell, and Mr. "you can trust me were freinds" talks to her assuming I can't hear what he's trying to cover up, and from what I heard, they made refences to me; which implyed I was wrong, or didn't know any better than to make the story up. so Mr. "you can trust me were freinds" hangs up from That, few minutes goes by and he appolizes for acting that way (to me) which I find to be BS cause if it met anything to him, he would have had the balls to man up and also said he wouldat least state tell his supervisor what he told me, (after the fact he tried to cover his ass by making me seem subhuman. Some Shit, hey?

Diskussion über Erbrechen blutigen Scheiße!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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