Zach didn't make it through his sleepover last night. He was homesick and we had to go get him at 11:30, but I wasn't upset. He really wasn't feeling well ~ his tummy was hurting and his throat was bothering him. I know the tummy trouble was due to homesickness, but I wonder about the throat. Maybe they have something over there that's bothering his allergies possibly? Either way, I have to admit I rested easier with him home and it made me look forward to this morning knowing he would be home forMother's Day.

Once again it's almost unbearably hot out. We're at 90 degrees again. I hate this weather, but I enjoy the thunderstorms we get in the afternoon. It's such a blessing to have the rain cool everything off. And I have to admit, I love watching the lightning. It's such an awesome show.

I feel blessed today to have such an awesome little family. I got to sleep in really late, then woke up to a hilarious card from my husband, a handwritten one from my son, about 5 pounds of chocolate (I am NOT joking!) and a beautiful hyacinth plant that smells delicious. It's a pure white one and the blooms are so delicate and perfect. But it isn't the gifts that make me feel blessed, although I do appreciate them greatly. It's the son and the husband I have that love me to no end and I feel the same way about them. And then I have a very loving mother who, despite her guardedness, has always been there for me and almost never lets me down. To me, that's what this holiday is really about. I wish my grandmothers were here to share it with us too, but I know they're looking down on us and sending their love. I miss them still.

I'm a little sad today because our brood of ducklings left. I don't know why exactly they left, but Mama decided to move on. Maybe they didn't feel safe here any longer. There's a lot of activity here and maybe that was the cause. I'll miss watching their antics, but I'm glad they stayed as long as they did.

I don't have much planned for today ~ just laundry and such. Since it's so hot I don't plan to do any outside chores or games with Zachary; we'd both get overheated very quickly. I do have to run to the store to find a Mother's Day present ( I know, I'm a bad procrastinator ) for my Mom and work with Zach on making her a card by hand. She'll love that. I also want to do something special for dinner but I don't have any idea what.

I'm lucky, I'm feeling more up today than down. I'm really glad, because the gloom was beginning to really get to me. Truthfully it's been going on for over a week, but I've been trying to hide it and force it out that way. It didn't work. But today I feel brighter, like maybe today will be better than the last few. There's always hope.

I hope you all have a splendid Mother's Day, whether you're a Mom or not. Enjoy the rest of your weekend! (((HUGS)))


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