Hi everyone! 

I hope that everyone is feeling content and healthy! 

We all know that it takes 6 weeks to start a new habit!

Good habits can lead to positive mood changes and better time management, goal achievement, and less stress! 

What good habits do you have that others could start that would change lives? 

What good habits would you like to start? 

I have been working on this myself and am letting go of what doesn’t work for me and am actively bringing in other routines and procedures to make life run better.  

Also, I am practicing radical acceptance of what I can’t change or control and labeling those things in my mind honestly for what they are! 

Did you know that you can control the power of your thoughts? It is a option to let the upsetting ones flow and go away and only put energy into the ones that you select! Thoughts fit into categories that you can file away much like a mental filing cabinet! It takes practice but leads to less stress and helps with finding much joy in life.   

I wish everyone well! 

Lacey 🌼


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