Dear Diary,

My Girlfriend says that if I don’t tell my Mom were together we will have to take a break until I can. I love her too much to take a break from our relationship but I can’t tell my mom because I’m scared she might get mad or yell at my that I’m too young or something stupid like that because we are both “only 12” although my Girlfriend turns 13 in November. What do I do?

I just don’t feel alive anymore. I don’t act like myself, I don’t like anything I do, I have very low and very negative self esteem, I get urges to cut very often, and I hate myself.

I have an app I use for my self harm urges but it’s not that helpful anymore as I get urges in school and you can’t have phones out in school. I don’t want to say anything but I should as it’s for my safety and apparently they care about our safety more than anything else. My Girlfriend doesn’t know I cut because we don’t see each other often because of COVID-19 and we go to different schools in New York state.



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