Yes, I have a birthday during holiday season! It is coming up fast!

Holiday birthdays tend to get forgotten.   It is up to the birthday person to make them special!

I picked out three gifts for me!

One is a necklace and earrings set

The other is a neck pillow for headaches with essential oils in it!

Also, I picked out a small colorful purse! It has khaki green mixed with bright colors!

Everyone please don’t send a holiday season birthday person a Xmas card with happy birthday in it! Or a happy birthday / merry Xmas combo in a text or email! They are not the same.

I woke rather everyone just forget my birthday rather than lump it into Xmas or Thanksgiving.

My birthday hopefully will be spent Xmas music free / no Xmas images / no commercials etc! It is my goal every year!

How to achieve this?

Avoid leaving the house / avoid stores or even taking a walk (Xmas lights, Xmas trees in windows, and people driving by with Xmas music playing in their cars)

Stay in basement or in a room with blinds shut (neighbors have Xmas lights up)

Avoid television (ads and Xmas shows)

Avoid the radio (ads and Xmas songs)

Avoid getting the Mail (Xmas ads)

Hope no one sends you a happy holidays / happy birthday text or a happy birthday text with Xmas images!

Good options for this year operation special day in December!

Candle light bath

reading books (already have the books selected)

Good food


ad free movies are a option like on cd!

enjoy the fireplace

have a in home spa day!

Good luck to all my fellow December birthday people on their birthdays!

May all of you feel special on your birthday because all of you deserve it!




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