Hi everyone! I hope that yall are doing well today!

First I will start with 2 of the many people related to my husband who both have treated me poorly.   They are dealing with bad things happening  in their lives.

One of them didn’t believe me that my dresses all were bought used at thrift stores.    She demanded a count on the total of dresses I own so that she could judge if I had a excessive number of dresses.

   What? Who is she to judge that when she admits to thinking that a woman needs only a funeral dress and a basic dress.   She thinks brides are dumb for even buying verses renting a wedding dress.   She thinks it this dumb wearing a dress unless it is a wedding or a funeral event.

I know the truth behind her comments from observing listening to her.   She feels insecure about her body and it bothers her that other women don’t feel the same insecurity about their bodies in dresses. 

Maybe she feels like she is missing out and likes how dresses look in general but they don’t flatter her as much as pants.    I don’t understand her envy of women who look better than dresses than pants or women who look equally as good in pants or dresses equally.

She doesn’t seem to feel good about herself in general.   She boasts on social media how loved and wonderful she is to everyone.  If she does one good deed, she announces it on social media! She doesn’t let it go and also praises herself in person to people.   I feel bad for her as a human being for living with her  insecurities.   I figured out that she has issues that I am a mom.    She resents that I am mom she has said horrible things to me! 

She crossed the line with me many times but the latest time was the final straw.    My husband knows about how what she did and said and supports me cutting her off totally.   I did so.

Now, my husbands sister, is dealing with something that she never has dealt with before that I have successfully.   Now, she is struggling.    

I could of been a good friend right now to her if she had given me the chance verses being hateful and verbally abusive.   I just simply had enough of the verbal abuse, false accusations, and cruel words.   I am done with her.


The other relative of his that is having a bad situation.

Ironic, he is still verbally cruel.   Why waste the energy? It takes as much as energy to be kind as it does evil.   Kindness / smiling more tends to make more favorable face wrinkles verses evil actions / behavior face wrinkles.   I see it all of my husbands relatives! They opt for evil verses good. It shows on their faces, in their eyes, their words and actions.

The challenge that my husbands brother is dealing with is all directly from his choices and actions.  He won’t take any responsibility.  His life is a wreck right now.

 Ironic, he used his energy toward a verbal attack toward my husband.   He has verbally attacked me as well in the past.

   One may think that my husbands relatives would use their focused energy towards dealing with their up and downs in the their lives.   N0! 

They don’t.

  Tigers don’t change their stripes.  Toxic people have to what to improve themselves.  

We can’t “fix” other people nor is it a our job to do so.

On the bright side of me feeling depressed lately is a low appetite.   Who can’t stand to lose a few pounds? I am forcing myself to eat enough food even with no desire to so.   When I am really down, I choke on water I get so upset. I have to take small sips of water or choke.

The first time I met my husbands family, his mommy said, “Don’t worry it won’t last with her.”

I married him without any of his family accepting me.   I accepted that they didn’t like me.  Now,‘they are all my neighbors here in the country.   They have spread false information about me to everyone.   No one here in this small town will give me a chance.   

My life here in this northern state small town is a challenge.    I can’t do even go in the front of our country property or leave the house in my car without seeing his relatives! They live way too close! My husband is looking for another job far away from “here.”

Thanks for listening! I feel less lonely now! I may not have friends where I live now but this blog option helps!

Lacey  🌸 


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