Yeah so. My biggest problem is my core truth which is that I’m dead. I will never love myself or like myself which makes me soooooo sad and depressed and that’s just the way it is and how it’s gone be which makes me want to die which I think makes sense…. yeah completely understandable. I’ve always felt this way and I’ve ALWAYS fought it but guess what the fight is over. I’m always gonna be this way.

Its bc of my body and social class basically the things I was given at birth– the things you can’t control🥰….yay me!

This reeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaeeaaaaalllllllllllllllly ducks dirty stinky infected asswhole. Lols. Especially bc like….u know….I got my heart set on being a bad bitch but….😕☹☹☹ugb.fuckthefuckOUTTTTAMEEEEEEEEE1😁

But yeah this is me. Hit me up.


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