It has been 8 years.    “Here” is cornfields, rude people, flat land, etc.     I don’t like it here

Home in the better state had hills, pretty green grass growing on the ground, beautiful trees, well maintained farm fences, pleasant people mixed with some rude people.   I was able to have career there in a field that I loved.   I had a social network of friendship and support.    I had a reason to get dressed and a place to go on a regular basis.   I even worked on the side in horse movies and was on the news on a regular basis.   The news knew where I lived.   They showed at my home for interviews.   My house was featured on a famous show and I was interviewed.   I had the power to stop the toxic policy at business and make a difference.   My work place was near a cute pony.   The job before that was next to a many grazing good looking horses.

Yes, this place is the opposite of good life / home.
Now, I live near all the horrible, hateful  relatives of my husband.

I suppose one could say that at least once I had a good life.   Now, my goals are daily to sit up more than lay down, eat and drink enough, look good. smell good, make the house look good and smell good, take care of pets, plants, and avoid the horrible toxic  people in this community and husbands relatives.   Same thing over and over.   Day after day.   I hate it here.

Thanks for reading.    You helped by “listening.”

P.S.   I am sitting up outside in back of property on our wooden bench swing, dressed, looking ready to go somewhere with no where to go.   It was a big deal making myself make it to this goal today.  At least, I can’t see husbands relatives in the back of our property.    Maybe the fresh air and the sounds of nature will give me some hope of better times ahead.   I miss home.  I hate it here.   I hate his relatives.   Thanks for listening.

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  1. beastofburden 5 months ago

    The sweet mountain states is the only place worth living am I wrong

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