I have quite the variation of issues which you can probably imagine isn’t the best as a 15 year old. I’m currently awake at an ungodly hour so yay. To be completely serious, I just need someone to talk to, I’ve never really had that. I’m an only child and to say it sucks is barely enough. I know most people with siblings say oh you’re so lucky but let me tell you this….I am not. I have a lot of anxiety, lovely I know, and well I guess depression and bunch of other stuff…probably some ocd and adhd but I’m no expert. I’m not the best at opening up so this is all I can say for now…

Wishing you all the love x


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  1. goodpanda 3 years ago

    you can always talk to me i’m here…maybe not always because i go to treatment for my depression and other stuff. but as soon as possible i’ll be there. so, if you ever need anyone to talk to i’m always here

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