Hello my sunflowers!<3 Just a quick little introduction because I realized I never posted one.

Names: Sojiro, Soji, Kaziel, Kaz, Kazshu, Binx.

Acceptable Nicknames: Sunflower, Shorted versions of names, “Evil” (My fav teacher gave me that one LOL), Any anime names (Only from animes I watched though so I get the ref!)




Transgender, Alloromantic Asexual (Still feels romantic attraction), Panromantic, Polyromantic, demiromatnic.

Hobbies: I enjoy reading books, fanfiction, etc, I enjoy watching anime, playing with my bird, writing, drawing, listening to music, and going on walks without a purpose, to anywhere.

Likes: Taxidermy! Hanging out with friends, music (McR, FoB, B-182, ToP, SID), my bird, friends, art, anime, being alone, yet not at the same time– baking, reading, outdoors in secluded areas (Forests, etc)

Dislikes: Large crowds, Screaming, Loud noises, Long conversations, People who wear anime merch yet never seen the anime, rap, country, gospel, Christmas, etc music.


We are a system that suffers from PTSD, Depression, Anxiety, Bulimia, Split personality disorder/DiD and more.

Please be aware of potential triggers.




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