People believe they mean well when they tell you “You’re not alone” or “I know how you feel”.

Well, no. No, you don’t know how I feel.

Everyone’s pain is different. Everyone reacts differently towards pain. My pain is no less than yours. You’re not me, nor I you.

Everyone’s story is different. All one really wants is to be heard. Telling me “you’re not alone” doesn’t help. If you want to really help someone, tell them “I’m here for you”. When someone is depressed, angry, and hurt, they don’t want perspective, they want others to listen. Don’t make it about yourself, be there for the person. That’s all anyone needs, a real friend.

But if you tell me I’m not alone, then I feel more alone than ever. You’re not reaching out, you’re really just saying “You’re not special because we all have issues”.


Start caring instead of judging.

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  1. lacey7 8 months ago


    I hear you! You make a good point!

    It bothers me when people say to each other. “How are you?” I notice people really should just say “hi” because they want others to say “fine” or “good.”

    It just feels so insincere to hear, “How are you?”

    Why can’t everyone just be honest and sincere!

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