Repeat after me: "I will not allow myself to get catfished."

It all stated with my Chinese teacher wanting us to download an app called WeChat so she can communicat with the class. So I downloaded it and added the class. then i stated to tinker with it. see what else i can do with the app. turns out you can find other people around the world that has we chat by goin into discover and shake. basicaly you shake your mobile device and it ill tell you the name of a person and where they are from. so i shook.

shake, shake shake, shake shake shake, shake. and then a persone pops up. i dfo that a couple more times. more people, then those people greet me, i greet them back. one og them greets me back again. i greet him again. he asks to be my friend, ( in my head i'm like okay, what harm can be done, i am not thinking) i accept.

so we've been chatting for a good week now. he's from Mexico btw. at first he was sweet and cute. still is. but now to me, he's getting a bit weird. he starts calling me "nina linda" sometimes adding "mi" infront of it. saying i am beautiful and pretty. now he starts saying he's starting to take affection twards me. that just makes me uncomfortable. and now he wants me to take a full body picture so he "can know me better." whaterver that means.

He's a nice kid, but no. i don't send randome people pictures of myself unless i knew the person before and we haven't seen eachother in a really long time.

on the plus side. he is human interaction. i finally have someone to talk to. and i'm having conversations with him in spanish which is awsome. and he understands. which means i am spelling most if not all my words right (i never took spanish in school i took Chinese, and i'm Mexican.(A Mexican that cannot spell in spanish.)). and it means i can actually hold up a conversation for longer than just a greeting.

but yeah. i don't know. he's nice and all but… i just don't know. not going to start a relationship through technology. i scared

if this is just weird sorry. i'm just really creeped out and don't know what to do. and cuz i don't what to come bake when it gets worse and theres exclamation points and capatalizations every where and me crying hsving s panic attack… i do not know.

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  1. Anthem2004 9 years ago

    Nessie, you are wise to be afraid of being catfished.  It can happen anywhere online … It even happened right here for me with two different people about 3 years ago.  It scared me away and I am just now comming back.  I got hurt pretty much.  So, just be real careful.

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