Everyone seems to be so quiet right now. Is it because the atmosphere is no longer safe? Are we all worried that what we say will be judged, criticized and we will be told everything is our fault?

I want to suggest that we continue on as we always have. Ignore the one who has been stirring up trouble. Do not read his blogs. If you do, do not respond. If you have not blocked him and he comments on yours, delete it. (By the way, I must have blocked him some time ago and forgot why. But somehow he was still able to comment on my blog). I did not want to, but I set my privacy settings to where only friends can comment. I have always wanted new people to be able to reach out to me. Now they will have to request a friendship first.

I say these things so that the particular person no longer gets any satisfaction from insulting us. He can still read what we write, he just cannot voice it as a comment to our blog. Sure, he can respond with his own blog, but don't read it. Don't react. If he sends you a message, just delete it.

I for one want to be able to express my fears, my frustrations, my feelings (good or bad) and have someone say "You are not alone. I understand." I want to be able to tell my online friends the same thing. You are not alone in this world. You are not strange or weird for feeling the way you do. You are just you. And, if you are in a really bad place, I want to encourage you to seek help from a primary care doc, a therapist, a psychiatrist or if it is immediate and dire: the ER. That's what this Depression Tribe is about, building each other up, not tearing down.

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  1. Twired 5 years ago

    I’m so sorry to hear someone has been sending negativity your way. That is the LAST thing we need around here! I hope we can all say what we feel we want to say and give one another support like we used to. I’m really hoping the new site will pick up soon though. It is a bit quiet…

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