Keeping it short and sweet. My anxiety is still manageable. I am finding that I am running to depression. I am in a 12 step group for emotions. It is okay, though, I think I am ready to move forward and work into deeper situations. I have to start working out again. I have a new job and I like it alright.  I sure wish problems would stop. I wish that I didn’t have a place to be in all these peoples lives sometimes. I feel like I belong to people sometimes. Who am I, in, peoples lives? Am I someones wife, someone’s daughter, someones friend? I would like to just be myself and belong to nothing and nobody.

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  1. teee 2 years ago

    I get that… I feel like I take on the stress for those around me, no matter how small the problem is i’m absorbed by it. I’m always someone’s eldest daughter, someone’s big sister, someone’s best friend, someone’s only person they can talk to… the more i take from them the less of myself i have, the more i carry them the less i hold myself.

    I found that this can be quite dangerous to yourself. It’s hard when you can’t just drop everything and everyone and just hide or run away or live your own life, but its so important to see yourself, hear yourself, choose yourself, help yourself, spend time with yourself and have space.

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