The perfect coping solution.   Life throws you challenges? Knit.   Life gets really challenging? Knit really tightly   So, I am knitting.  I can feel the stress leave my body as I tug on the yarn, wrap it and tighten each stitch.   People in the past have felt the same feels I do and there are no new feelings or situations that haven’t happened before/

i am knitting a scarf.   I can feel the stress and emotional pain or what is bothering me leaving my body.

Today, I found two nice (and inexpensive) adorable bird houses at a store.   I admit I went shopping looking for something.  I needed a distraction.   A change of scenery.   I also found a pretty fake ivy leaf vine.  It will go over a doorway.   Decorating cheers me up.

The flower and vegetable seeds I planted have sprouted and all have leaves now.   They are planted in cups by the window.

it really hurt my feelings for my daughter to invite me to her apartment and then retract the invitation.

Thanks for listening     You helped.




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