So I didn't hear from my ex at all today, that's just how it's gonna be now. The last thing that was said was last night from me "I really wish you were here I worked a really long shift and would like to talk" and nothing.

I don't know what happened if she's off dating, off in her own world or even dead and while I could text her and probably get some two word response back 4 hours later…what's the point? If she's not interested I'm only hurting myself. I'm avaiable, she has my number, she has my skype, etc. If she really was interested in talking she'd be there.

So I've started making plans without her because what more can I do? I'm going on a distillery tour with my sister and family sunday, may go to a club saturday night, got therapy tommorow, got my classes signed up for the fall and I'm working on looking for an apartment. I'm kinda alone but hey maybe I'll go on a date, maybe I'll make a friend, who knows what will happen.

I focus on my music a lot. I've got a ticket to a rave next friday in Seattle that's gonna be huge, and I'm excited about that. i'm also excited about Daft Punk and Shpongle both putting out new albums soon, plus the new Starcraft expansion is out. I have things to keep me occupied to say the least.

I'm not gonna cry anymore if I can help it because what's the point? She's gone, she'd be here for me in my moment of need if she cared. Instead I'm left alone to deal with it. So I'll handle life, and maybe I'll do it well once I figure it all out. After all i'm young, my life isn't over because the most significant thing to ever happen to my life is. Just means I have to start over.

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  1. Andie372 5 years ago

    It's great all the proactive things you're doing in your life. You're out there living it up. I can tell you all day to stop fiddling with this girl, but you have to realize it for yourself. Sounds like you're beginning to.

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