Well its been awhile but i just had to write a blog ,i got a call from one of my dearest tribe friends tonight ,and it left me so aggrevated that i had to write to the person that said things that never should have been said about me,and i\'m happy to find out what people say when you are not involved in the tribe as much as you used to be ,

1st of all to that person that calls me a drama queen ,she needs to remember she was right in the middle of all the drama last year right along with me and the two men  that broke my heart since i was such a trusting person or nieve not sure ,this was my first group i had ever joined and i was just stupid,back then ,i love all my friends here but ,have never truley gotten over the way i was treated by several members that only two have left, i used to live on this site,but got tired of the drama myself ,so i only come here daily to check things out,read my comments and messages.

to all of you that still care this isn\'t meant for you and i\'m sorry i dont comment much anymore,i just lost interest in things ,and belong to two other drama free sites,not saying this one is like it used to be because i still see alot of need here for support,friendship and love ..i just get busy trying to care for my mom,and kids and try not to stress ,but this had to be said to her as well as the man that keeps showing up in my life as a scammer,a real lowlife jerk,that uses women and there kids even steals the kids meds,i\'m just really pissed and needed to vent ,thank you my friend for calling me and bringing this issue to my attention,she denied it all but i know who is a true friend…..love steph


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