I’m not angry anymore just tired. Tired of making plans with people who cancel at the last minute and “ghost”, then contact me when it’s convenient for them. I’m don’t making plans for people who bail at the last minute with fake excuses and don’t have the decency to tell the truth. I can’t believed I ever liked her. But sometimes when you like someone you overlook their constant faults even when they’re staring you in the face. I realized that she won’t ever change. People don’t change. People are inherently selfish. I reached out to someone recently and for no reason at all they block me & say they don’t want to talk to me despite me not doing anything to them. I responded that they seriously need to get some fucking help. I’m done with people in general. They don’t make me angry, they’re just disappointments. But you can’t be dissapointed in people if you don’t have expectations of them in the first place.  Right now I’m going to focus on work and writing. I’m done asking why are people flaky and what the fuck is wrong with them. I’m going to use work and writing as a distraction from everyone and everything in life. I’ve deleted people from my contacts and will never contact them again. I use to think being alone was a bad thing, but it’s not. I’m better off isolated from everyone and everything. I’ve tried making friends and it’s never worked out, but that’s not a bad thing. I’m better off alone.


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