My parents are emotionally abusive. My family counselor thinks I might have anxiety but I’m still not sure.  I get really sweaty when I’m scared or worried and I worry a lot but I’m still not sure.

Here is some more about me,


My dad and mom got divorced when I was about 3 and then my dad got married to my stepmom. Most of my life they have treated me badly. For example, the constant comments like “Why can’t you ever do anything right.” “You’re a brat” You’re a klutz” You’re a wimp”.  My dad has often made threats like the one time when he came home with an electric fly swatter and said that if I ever touched it he would turn it on and smack me with it. Later when he accidentally left it outside in the rain he blamed it on me and I was so scared that if he ever brought another one home that he would hit me with it. Then later he said maybe he should test to see if it still works on me since I left it outside. I told him if he ever touched me with it I would tell someone at school and get him in trouble. He said it was all a joke after that but I still don’t believe him. He is all words which means he never has done anything like that but I had to take it seriously. He used to flick me in the lip if I ever said anything he didn’t like. A few times it made my lip bleed. Also if I was ever in trouble he would squeeze the back of my neck while talking to me. A lot of times I felt I was going to pass out when he did that. My mom was never that bad she would just smack me on the cheek but never enough to leave a mark. 



I think it’s just more I’m scared of the memories and what people think of me. IDK

If anyone else is suffering from abuse don’t worry Jesus loves you and will protect you. I also forgot to mention I’m a Christian and I also started a fellowship group at my school.

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  1. italiangusta 2 years ago

    Your story is touching — personal experience with a non supportive father — and I am glad you found support for your issue. It’s better to tell people rather than digging a hole that you can’t climb out of. Best of luck!


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