It all started when we moved to South Carolina my mom starting talking to her Ex boyfriend. They broke up about 7 or 8 years ago due to drugs. I remembered him when they were first dated he was a nice guy, he was always nice to me and helped me. So I was happy they were talking again because he was such a kind-hearted guy, but we were all wrong….! It started out pretty great, he moved in with us and helped us with the yardwork and even bought us a TV but one thing, he was a liar. After awhile he kept doing extra stuff and my mom and him were alone talking, he said accidentally “I had to make you love me.” at the time my mom didnt understand and said that she already did lover him but he thought she figured out who he was. He stared to argue with my mom ALOT! One time he got drunk and started screaming at my mom for nothing and starting throwing stuff everywhere. Then he was mad at us for no reason and said to my mom “Im going to smash the TV right in front of their faces.” My mom got mad and hit his face with a egg, he also punched the TV so hard it was really damaged. My mom told me to call the police and I did, they arrested him and he got out the next day. You would think after months of him lying and screaming at me and my mom would make him gone for good right? Wrong, the day after he got out of jail my mom starting talking to him and he was “crying” on the phone saying that wasnt him and how sorry he was and that he would quit drinking. I went to school and after dismissal I looked at the car and there he was in the front seat. My stomach was in knots, then he just stayed. But after 3 months of kissing my moms ass he got even meaner…. to ME! He screamed at me and called me the worst names…. including the N-word (we are both white) I was always grounded by him and made him know how much I hated him. Then one day I was doing late work on my computer for school and he told me to get off but my mom said the same thing so he wouldnt yell, I told him I had to do it but he just kept screaming at me, then I guess he thought my mom left or something because he shoved the kitchen table into my chest HARD I was crying! My mom yelled at him but he claimed it was an accident my mom knew it wasnt but she just forgave him because she loved him. The second time he threatened to throw away my stuff and I closed and blocked my door to my room, he pushed my door so hard when he knew I was behind the door and I got pushed to the wall. He tortured me so many times. He knows I get triggered by men yelling at me (because my real dad use to hit me) so he always screamed in my face and acted like he was going to hurt me. He always lied to my mom to get me and my brother in trouble and sadly he won most of the time. Whenever my mom wanted him to leave he kissed her ass and got to stay. The last time he hurt us was when he burned us (my mom had paid for his ass over everything because he “didnt have money”) to find out he had a secret bank account and after he got his taxes he left us with nothing mind you he sold some of our stuff without asking. My mom was so upset she cried so much until…… she found out who he was a NARCISSIST, then she wasnt so sad anymore. She confronted him about it and all of sudden starting caring and was going to “pay” my mom back. He didn’t and so my mom got mad and he stopped talking to her because he wanted to tell everyone that its all my moms fault and we aren’t “safe” being with her because she’s “always” out getting “drugs” (my mom was an drug addict but HE relapsed her and spent all of the money for drugs) he told my nana, grandma, neighbors and probably more he starting saying lies about how she was out of the house for a while and me and my brother were home alone without being able to contact her which is a lie. Hes still trying to get to my mom as we speak but at least hes never coming back again.

Thanks for reading my story!!!!

Comment if you need help with your situation!

Love yall!

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  1. squishy 1 year ago

    I am so sorry you are dealing with this. First of all, fuck him. He did tons of things to make you lose that trust and dislike him. If he ever tries to hurt you, whether his response be “oh it was just an accident” or an excuse, punch him. Hit him. Anything. Talk to your mom if he still some reason has physical contact with you, ask her to buy you a cheap thing of pepper spray. If he tries to hurt you in any way, use it to your self defense. He may had seemed loving and trustworthy at first, but people can be deceiving. Make it clear to him IF YOU ARE COMFORTABLE DOING SO that you do not want to have anything to do with him because it seems you have a strong disliking to him. If there’s anything I missed, please let me know. I hope this helped and do not be afraid to message me personally. Thank you.

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