this is entirely for entertainment purposes, and maybe a little bit for thought. all opinions welcome where opinions simply make us laugh.

so… as im writing this i am in somewhat of a goofy yet critical mood, and i am going to give my two cents on something i have no business investing in, and its going to be about ASMR. this is something really want to discuss but not seriously, so im just going to post it where ever i end up posting it, so you can comment or whatever and disparage me, agree with me, or turn away in disgust… everyones a winner! ding ding ding!

so, as you might or might not know, i am avid asmr listener. big whoop. i like rain at night, snow on the window, leaves at autumn… i dabble in some roleplay depending on what it is. thats a lie, i like roleplay. now lately i have noticed this thing called “only fans”….. you probaby know where im going with this now if youre familiar with the genre. in verbal irony i am not a fan of “only fans” videos, more often than not theyre very sexual, downright pornographic…

so lets be real for hot minute, every so often i browse through my favourite porn site, kinda like a mom in a grocery store. “ooooh this looks new.” “oh whats this?” y’know the deal. “two for the price of one, oh my…” that last one was actually more appropriate to the subject than i meant it to be… anyway, to my absolute shock… delight… disappointment… and a number of other emotional gauntlets i went through like a modern day nazareth, when i glimpsed one of the asmr creators i listened to, suddenly half naked on my screen… right. shocked, because holy fuck this person is practically a celebrity in my personal day to day. delighted, because im a fucking male pervert, immediately followed by disappointed, because god damn now i cant listen to any of her videos without feeling super awkward. not for nothing, but at this point i considered this person something of a youtube pal, lmao…. there was nothing sexual about her at all for me until this… she was an asexual being as far as i was concered and thats just how i liked it…

obvioulsy after that i was super curious and i looked up some of the other creators i listen to and well… it was strange for me to find a fair number of them had these sorts of videos… even game streamers, guy or girl. is this something new or am i just naive? it was a small number comparatively but enough to be a thing, and something that i was unaware of… my sweet innocent mind exploded like a glitter bomb

the point im trying to make, for me, theres no going back once youve made that choice as a content creator i think. that line has been crossed and theres no uncrossing it, i mean at that point youre basically a cam girl with SFW advertising on youtube, in the form of your videos that is… there isnt anything wrong with that, im impressed… im not a fan though… look, i listen to asmr when im really down on myself and shit, little rain on a paved road never hurt anything… start mixing that with lust and well, for me they dont blend they collide. dont get me wrong ive blended a lot of weird shit with my lust, but asmr is not one of them…

on another level though i feel like good for her, for real, she found a niche and she leaned into it… maybe not the best way to phrase it but the point is everyones gotta make a living, i feel happy for someone when they find something that works and they actually seem to enjoy it. people having fun is always fun. people are people, and not a lot of people arent clever or i guess bold enough to notice and seize an opportunity they want. i mean it takes a certain kind of person for certain things absolutely, just to dig myself a little deeper in this hole, but hey, “if theres people like you, theres people like me.”

thats a long way of saying, its not for me. i suspect im not alone, so yea…

my face always turn beet red when i talk about this shit, but im a human like anyone, give me a break. actually, lets go a little further down this salacious pit ive found myself in, while were here. why not eh?

ive always maintained that prostitution should be legal. not for my benefit, a law has never stopped me from pursuing something i wanted, my criminal record proves that, being honest i cant really leave canada. “im not a pervert! im not! i just think about things sometimes, but im not like that! quit looking at me!”

prostitution should be legal for a few very obvious reasons once you actually sit down and think about it, without getting your sensibilities in a twist that is.the practice is never going to go away, call it desperation call it motivation, hell call it talent, i do, but whatever you call it, its not going to go away no matter how many people you lock up just because you dont want to look at them, because if were being totally honest i cant think of many other reasons to actually arrest someone for something that doesnt fucking affect you. they offended your fucking god or some stupid shit, or you feel bad for them, in which case youre just an arrogant bastard for presuming. you might be like, “well places where this occurs are generally more dangerous in terms of gangs and drug activity.” thats only because its illegal though, at least i believe. my case is, you make it illegal and the only places you can practice it is in these fucking shady corners where motherfuckers are more than slightly unhinged, which yea, can potentially make it dangerous as fuck from one situation to the next. youre in this shady corner with shady people influenced by shady things, slim shady, whos the real slim shady, would you please stand up…

you make peanuts so you hit a couple rails to keep you going and before anyone knows it the stereotype births itself. of course sadly people do go the opposite way and im not denying that, but for the sake of my case were only talking about people that are in the profession simply to make a living for themselves or have a good time, or both. i worked behind the till at a pretty remote gas station for a year and a half, for the most part i had no problem with letting a few girls or guys hang out outside while i was on my shift. outside though, while im working i cant be too friendly, not that im a friendly person normally anyway, which is why i lost that job in the end. if you talk to them theyre just normal people, with the same fucking fears and worries and problems your average joe shmo and jane doe behind the counter of your local grocery store does. sometimes theyre the same person, not in this case though. can you imagine if your prostitute was also your local grocer? “id like a peach please.” “ummm…” or a cucumber, lol.

the solution, just make it legal, make it a market like some countries do. i know thats kind of a heartless way to put it, but thats what it would be, and already is. its just part of the black market in western society. before you say it, porn is not the same thing. pornstars are the equivalent of movie stars. theres very few comparatively that are actually successful enough to make it a career, i believe. most of time they have a supplement incomes as well, like your local grocer… of course amateur porn is a thing but lets ignore that for now because it goes against my point… lmao. im making a biased argument here, accept it. you knew what this was.

making it legal also solves a regulation problem as well. AH-HA! thought i forgot about STD’s didnt ya? well sit back and prepare to get punched in the face with my next obvious point, like a tepid super soaker. i didnt mean to invoke water sports, but here we are, ignore it if you can… i know i will.

if prostitution was a legitimate market, health regulations would HAVE to set standards. that means check-ups, proper business practice, condoms, tee-hee. in this way theres a practical means to monitor STD’s, of the employees and more importantly i believe, of the clients, because theres a lot of assholes out there who lie about important shit. i dont know how it works in the red light district but in my world, youre fucking getting checked before you walk through that door my friend… of course that creates a sub-black market of unregulated disease, but hey its already that in spite of how careful you might be, at least in my world you damn well know what youre getting, youre not opening a cracker jack box like “awwe bummer, i got chlamydia.” you either buy the regular cracker jacks or you go for the off brand. you get what you pay for, eh?

escorts are a different beast as well. escorts and call girls, cause they work in a loophole far as my knowledge goes. you cant technically arrest someone for going on a “date”, and whatever happens at the end of night is well… no ones business either way. but this is a weird place to be, unless youve found a way to be independent, youre probably going to be at the mercy of someone youd rather not be. that could go a number of ways that arent too pleasant. blackmail comes to mind. of course thats one of the worser cases, but not to be disregarded. personal life could be issue i imagine, since as a call girl, well youre being called personally, and if you dont have a separate phone and youre not trying to mix you personal life with your business life, well some pretty fucking obsessed people might be trying to get your attention at some pretty fucking inappropriate times. i imagine. of course thats a danger in a lot of modern capacities, especially for women, but i think youd agree more-so when youve fucked someone, even just as a business transaction. again, your local grocer can probably tell you some horror stories just from behind the till. hell im arrogant in speaking like you probably dont already have some of your own. yea huh? well imagine if you fucked that guy… probably not the greatest consequence i would assume.

so thats my case, stalkers, stds, pimps, low income, jail, and stds again just to be safe. also asmr, because i forgot that was my initial topic. yea… good ol’ asmr.


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