Wassup peeps. The name’s Maggie, I’m 17 & a half years old, I’m a girl & I struggle with ADD ( Attention Deficit Disorder). My family is not very supportive, I miss my friends, & I hope to find real help I guess you can say. I’m nice unless you cross me. I also struggle with self image/hate. I play piano, I act, I speak almost three languages & I skate on my skateboard.  I am adopted & have six siblings. I want to help you & I want you to help me because I feel like we all go through the same things at some point in our life. So yeah. Thanks peeps!!

  1. maitee 2 months ago

    hiiiiiii welcome!!!!
    I’m Maïté and I’m 14, I’m here if you want help and I really hope we can be friends
    I speak almost 3 languages too

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  2. hiyayousweety 2 months ago

    Hi, Im free to talk if you would ever like to, b more importantly, I get what your going through. I have ADHD and an eating disorder, so I get some of the struggle. But welcome, and I hope you like it here, and I hope you fine whatever it is your searching for.

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