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Sad day , manager mo lester code dude h acked at me to go quicker , addressed me as buddy which I find very offensive since I'm like 29 going on 30 not 13, and I don't hang or talk to his fat rear end that much or that non briefly anyways, it's almost like racism a dressing me as buddy, it's like a cute little way to talk to mentally disabled people which I bet that filthy labia thing thinks of me since I might to viewed as very a speech impediment on top of having a chunky sounding voice, I reckon that's the bloody reason why I went in for a interview there with that fette jackasse for a cashiering position, with the intend of learning a new type of work as opposed to doing carts cause at 29 I ain't as physically able to go super fast and keep on breaking my flesh as much as they want me to. But anyways I go do trash this morning, than its time to take my break, as I'm going back outside, herr fatarshe approaches me, I explain to him I was doing trash prior to me going on break, and I was just getting back from break, than it opens up its labia lips, asking me to go quicker for it, while calling me buddy, WTGDMF! Such a f fing jackass, thinks that I am not capable of understanding that I'm being used as a cum rake. Hate regret thinking I may sadly have to take his ass to court, should I be let go prior to completing my 90 days. I'm sorta feeling like I was in 2011, only this time I actually do have self esteem, so these last few blogs I may have had some real real morbid thoughts while at work from all the fuing pressure like going somewheres in detroit than whatever, but I know that shit ain't me, it's just the hopeless and despite I get from slanderous fat ass vulva penis wannabes like that dipshit who are so fuckin nasty judgmental who are from what I heard are trained to be judgmental, cause it's them fucks and the like, that ultimately ruin my life, with that shit that is in my eyes in ways as fucked up ad neo nazi propaganda, since it's a cute way they can get away with ruining people's lives, sorry for the strong language and emotion but tonight I just had to let it out, been the last few days been super worried not so much about taking it out at work but just to appear like to anyone as cocking a attitude, due to having to hold back so much emotion it burns, real bloody tempted to go straight to that bug ol dirty booger, and telling him they been scheduling me more than the 27 hour maximum I said I could work do to me being on a set income regardless of if my 90 day probate period is up or not, cause last time I checked I didn't have “sex puppet” or “toilet” tattooed on my forehead, for so long since I started that job I have tried to care enough to give 299% but ever since day one I have received mal treatment somehow or another as much as I have tried to ignore it and or brush it off my shoulders, I ain't losing my ssi cause of them scheduling too many hours with little evidence Of job security, I would rather have them let me go than deal with their shitty ways


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