Good morning everyone!

By the way, I knitted the pumpkin in the picture!

I found a nice sleep option at the store!

It is weighted sleep mask with calming essential oils! I used the mask and my weighted blanket last night.  I highly recommend this combination!

The plan was to work on pink, melon colored and white knitted lap throw or crib size blanket last evening.   However, I opted to go swimming instead for a few hours last evening.  Swimming made me feel really tired!

I am traveling right now and I stayed in a hotel last night    On the way home, I may stop at a chain store that isn’t in the small town where I live    It would be a bonus if they have a thrift store off that exit as well

My birthday is coming up! I don’t want to do anything special for it    It is typically a significant birthday to most people though.

The intermittent fasting is going well.  I drink as much water as I want but only eat from ten to six. I opt not weigh myself    I have no set weight loss goal   However if five pounds or so came off, I wouldn’t mind at all

I started lifting 3 pound hand weights again the other day!  I stopped doing so at the end of the summer.   I highly recommend arm toning!

My goal is to feel as healthy as possible and feel good about how I look in clothes! I love myself though no matter what a scale would reveal   The number on a scale has no reflection on a persons self worth.

Someone offered me a chocolate chip cookie the other day.   I said no thanks and opted for a yogurt with sliced almonds.  I wasn’t even tempted by the cookie   🍪 The yogurt wasn’t low sugar mixed with almonds it offered better nutrition than a cookie.

I hope that everyone has a content day!







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