it's been a year sinceI have been forced to move out of my apartment and forcedto move into a group homeagain(with threats that if I didn't comply Adult protective services would be called) With As much Shit As I went though Just to keep that Apartment, With all them assholes whom nearly drove me totally insane, by honking, yelling, at me from thier GD veicles on the 11 walk to and from my job as a cart pusher at walmart, worse part was walking home from a closing shift didn't get off till 12am so from 12am till like around 4 in the morning I would be walking home, putting up with not only the shit I just mentioned but having to have the bright lights in my eyes even if I didn't look directly at them with the combo of me feeling undead from a hard day at work from a hot summer day, tired, sleepy, with feeling totally enraged from the drivers abuse, with them honking and screaming at me while driving by, and the bright lights in myit left me feeling totally disorinated, and when I made it home got a little sleep woke up I would be Very totally enraged and bitter towards humanity which just grew and grew,

and that alone doesn't assume but the Hell I needed to up with just to keep that apartment, to make a long complicted story short and simple, I got assulted asked "what my fucking health problem was cause I lisped) by the same guy who attacked me who threated my life by saying he'll kill me if he needed to, which all I did if anything was just reply back to him when he asked me how I was doing trying to be friendly he didn't even look like a dangerous guy trust me I know dangerous people when I see them (grow up in Hazel park) which borderlines Detroit off 8 mile, and that was like inWaterford along telegragh rd while I was on my way to see my schrink,

well don'tnow feel like mentioning the other shit cause it makes me entencely more bitter towards humanity just to thick about, but anyways I have a new youtube channel check it out it's

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  1. Andie372 8 years ago

    Sorry people were so mean to you, you didn't deserve that. Not all people are bad though. Hope things go better for you.

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