I have been so busy since Thursday night. Got home from a church worship and dinner around 8 PM. Had a message from a friend of a friend. She told me our mutual friend was in jail and needed someone to care for her dogs. I called the jail to find out if I could get her keys after I tried breaking in her house. All her windows were closed and the doors dead bolted. (I had a key to the lock on the door handle, but not the dead bolt). I fed the dog that was outside, but had to go to the jail to sign for her personal belongings. I couldn't just get the keys. i had to take everything but the clothes on her back. So I have been going to her house at least twice a day to care for her dogs. They are starved for attention. She never played with them. They always came running to me whenever I went over.

Called the jail about her case. She was shopping lifting at a Dollar Tree, where everything is a dollar! Then they found Vyvance on her that did not belong to her. So she has a felony drug charge and a misdemeanor shoplifting charge. Why am I friends with a thief and liar? Well, she has a mental illness. She has Borderline Personality Disorder. Her kids are in Foster Care. She will probably lose her rights to them in aweek, especially after this latest stunt. I didn't get to talk to her until the next day. I had to set up a prepaid collect phone account for her to call me. She is in bad shape as she is withdrawing from all the prescription pain meds she has been on and whatever else she might have been buying on the street. I will not post bail or even sign to get her out. Someone could pay $75 and sign for her, but they would lose the $5000 if she fails to show for court. she has been begging me to get get. I will not take on that responsibility. Besides, I think it is better for her to be in jail to get off the drugs. She has refused to go to inpatient drug rehab like the Departmentof Children and Family Services has requested for her to get her kids back. (She lost them almost a year ago). She told me she'd do anything I say. I asked if she would go to inpatient rehab. She said no. She has called me to contact other friends and family members. No one is willing to sign to get her out. It is so hard to listen to her when she calls. I haven't heard from her since yesterday because the prepaid account was too low. Ihave put in more funds but something went wrong with my credit card. I didn't discover that until the evening. Got it corrected, but she hasn't called back. I'm sure she thinks I am refusing the calls. They still have her in holding and have put her on suicide watch.

Time to go care for her dogs, an 8 pound Terrier mix and an 80 pound Pit Bull. And I guess Ineed to call the jail to check on her status. If someone else does get her out, she has to see me to get her keys for her SUV and for her house.

Add to all that and I have been fighting with my daughter about her upcoming wedding and marriage. Not really fighting, but disagreeing. Also, now my dad will continue dialysis after saying he wants to quit. I don't want him to die, but it is hard to see him and Mom struggle. I wish she would go take a break, respite for the care giver. But she won't. She said Dad will never let anyone else care for him.

I am forgetting to do things for my own family. So I have to stop writing. I may not be back for a while depending on how things go.

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  1. cdnpickles 6 years ago

    Nancy has given you great advice.  I agree completely.  Please don't let trying to help solve the problems of others, become your problems.  🙁

    You are thinking the right things.  Do NOT assist in getting this person bail.  I would suggest finding a shelter to take the dogs.  Sounds like they were neglected even when this person was not in jail. 

    I am glad to know there are caring people out there like you. 





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