So, it’s my 2nd day of “Returning to Work,” as my company calls it. I never “left” work – just did it from home – but whatever. And I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little bitter. We (my entire department) have proven we can successfully, efficiently, and productively work remotely. Our productivity actually increased during the pandemic. But… we still have to be back in our respective offices. Why? No idea. I can speculate: Maybe it’s because a bunch of old people with no idea how to live in a digital world are the ones making the decisions? Maybe it’s because they don’t do work remotely, so they assume no one else does? Or… and I have to say that it pains me to say this… but maybe it’s because our department manager has far too much on her plate and sat on making the business proposal until a week or two ago? Meanwhile, another department that did successfully transition to permanent remote work had a manager who was working on its proposal months ago??

I feel disrespectful saying that, but my gut and my brain both know all are most likely factors. And it annoys the crap out of me. First of all, it makes no sense logically. Why resume reimbursing my department’s members for our parking costs when we can do our jobs from home? I’d sacrifice my pittance of a raise for the privilege to never have to wear knee-hi’s again. Why not have our IT people analyze the data of support staff and investigate why any employee’s productivity may have decreased? Why punish all non-higher-ups for the alleged actions of a few? You know who else punishes an entire class of people for the “mistakes” of a few? Facists. And I just read a memo today wherein the company pats itself on the back for how “inclusive” it has “always been” to our LGBTQ+ “family” members. Funny though… it took someone in a higher position coming out before the company’s employee handbook was updated. I wonder how many people in support positions felt incapable of coming out prior to that. Just because it didn’t take state or federal legal action to effectuate the change doesn’t mean it happened in a timely way.

Yes, yes… I know. I’m misdirecting my negative feelings. And I don’t care and won’t apologize for it. I like my job and will do what my bosses tell me (within reason). But that doesn’t mean I have to ignore the fact that my department is sorely lacking any kind of real leadership on the WFH issue. We all know the business proposal is in the works, and there is precedent for it to be passed. And with the department’s productivity, it seems like a shoe-in to pass. But that doesn’t mean it will. Meanwhile, what’s our department’s plan for RTW? “Follow the local office’s lead.” Okay. What if the local office’s lead is “well, we’re okay with whatever you (meaning me) want to do.” What am I supposed to do with that? As I told my supervisor, if the choice were truly mine, I’d keep WFH. I’ve already proven I can do so, and I do it well. But since her boss says we have to “play the game” and come back to work in-person, at least for a little bit, it’s clearly not my choice, is it? I think it’s the lack of guidance on the issue that is annoying me so much. I know where the assistants fall, and I know where management falls. I’m somewhere in the middle, and no one can tell me what that means. So, in my ever-masochistic and self-diminishing way, I’ve determined that I should follow what the assistants do and RTW 4 days in person. (Which is about $100/week parking here, by the way.) But it would be nice if someone in charge would say “okay, everyone in this department will be RTW X/week ” so we all know where we stand. For everything else we are treated like our own group. We have laptops – not desktops. We work 40 hour weeks – not 37.5. We generally get paid more because we have more responsibilities. So, make a decision that reflects this – that we’re our own group. We’re not assistants and we don’t need to have our butts in our seats to do our jobs. We’re grown-ups who want to keep our jobs but need just a touch more guidance than we’re getting on this issue.

I won’t even go into the firm’s wussy-footing around mandating vaccinations. Personally, I think anyone without a medical reason for avoiding it should get one. But because it’s so tied-in with religious crap, no one is brave enough to take a position. The restrictions for mask-wearing have been lifted though, so that’s great. I’m supposed to trust that if I’m not wearing a mask because I’m vaccinated, that everyone else is too. When I know that, statistically, about 45% of them probably aren’t.

At least they could have waited until September, when kids go back to school. Mine will be home alone most of the summer. His dream come true! He’s a teenager who has a full plate of video games to get in. But I’d at least like the option to force him out of the house once or twice a week, if only to hit-up a drive-through for smoothies or lunch. But no… why wait? If the state’s governor didn’t mandate otherwise, I’m sure my company would have mandated our return about a year ago.

I’m not ungrateful for having a job when so many others do not. Nor am I really that disgruntled with my company. They gave me a chance after several others wouldn’t touch me with a 10-foot pole. Then they promoted me less than a year later, and recently gave me a raise. I’m thankful. I’m just bitter. I’ve had a taste of “the good life,” and I don’t want to give it up. *sigh*


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