Please bear with me on this blog as I am not used to this site's format. If the links don't work, please feel free to message me for more information!!

A few of you may have heard me mention a little something about a project that I was asked to be a part of. Well, here is more information regarding it and the links to further understand my excitement! Keep me in your prayers you all!!

First, I will introduce the lady who is behind it –

Ms. Katherine Cheairs

Film Junkie 76

The Project:

SistahGirl: Black Women and HIV/AIDS is a documentary project featuring the lives of HIV positive Black women from the US, with some traveling on an unprecedented journey to meet HIV positive African women activists to exchange ideas about prevention, treatment, physical, and spiritual healing. The lives of Rae Lewis Thornton, Kamaria Gammon, Michelle Lopez, Raven Lopez, Joyce McDonald, and Shadonna Mon'ques Upshaw will be featured in SistahGirl, which intends to commence filming in the late summer/early fall. SistahGirl will also examine the complexities and challenges in prevention efforts in Black women and provide a platform for discussion about some broader issues surrounding Black women and sexuality. We are currently in pre-production and raising funds to begin filming by late summer early fall. Once completed in 2008, SistahGirl will be used for educational outreach programs for schools, churches, prisons, women's organizations, poor and disadvantaged urban and rural communities. Stay tuned to find out more about the women whose stories will be told in SistahGirl: Black Women and HIV/AIDS. Visit for more information.

And here is an excerpt from a blog to refresh the memory of those of you who may not know why I am compelled to do this…

When I woke yesterday morning, no one could have told me that something I had been keeping in prayer was about to come into reality. I had been praying for guidance to be able to use my voice, use an event in my life to educate others so that they would know that my life could happen to ANYONE. I am a procrastinator. I have researched how to start projects, lay a plan out on paper, only for it to end up in a pile somewhere. I have been praying to be freed from that, to be forced out of it. Well, God put my prayer on the DHL Express because I got a phone call yesterday morning.

I was asked to sit and do a newspaper interview and speak out on how HIV and AIDS effect the black community, why was it that so many people have it and what can we do as a people to make a difference. I agreed. That is something that isn't done where I am from. I am stepping out on faith. God allowed this to happen to me for a reason and I find good in all things, so I will be that vessel… to teach, to support, to love…

For the first time in my life, the first time in three and a half years, I will be publicly speaking out that I am HIV positive.

Let that sink in…

I want to stop here and thank you all from my heart for all the support and love you have bestowed upon me since revealing this. I have been through a HUGE emotional journey since February 7, 2007 and will continue to travel on that road with all of you behind me. So I ask that you all check out the SISTAHGIRL site, spread the word PLEASE in anyway that you can!!

With much love and prayer,

Miss Empowe[RED]

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  1. richelle19_80 14 years ago

    This sounds like a WONDERFUL project! I will keep my fingers crossed that everything goes smoothly for you and the film 🙂

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