So anyone here struggle with a sleeping disorder particularly Narcolepsy? I rarely bring it up because I kinda saw it as Irrelevant, but more and more I’ve noticed it contributes to my Anxiety and Depression. Making me anxious something is wrong physically like cancer or that I won’t be able to make a drive somewhere because I’m always exhausted. Or depressed because all I wan’t to do is sleep because I’m just so tired all the time. Or even worse it strains relationships with my friends and loved ones because I always avoid making plans or I’m always wanting to fall asleep. Like it’s stupid right? A really stupid problem to have. “Just go to bed earlier.” “Your just being lazy.”  “You never spend time with us.” Is all I hear, but I really can’t help it. I really try. I force myself to do things and stay awake. I get 8 plus hours of sleep. I take medications to stay awake. Hell, Even vitamins and supplements to give me extra energy, but once It all wears off I’m just exhausted which usually takes like 5 hours so the majority off the day is just miserable. I’ve went to sleep doctors and had a sleep study. They thought maybe it would just be sleep apnea but I’ve been using a CPAP and that doesn’t work either. I can’t explain how miserable it makes me and how much it contributes to my depression. It’s like this weight I can’t shake off that makes everything so much harder. It makes just being alert a chore in itself. I hate it. It makes people think I don’t care about them. That I just don’t want to spend time with them. When really I WANT to be there. I want to do things with them. I want to spend time with them. I’m just so tired. I have no drive or energy to do anything I used to like to do. Even old hobbies I’ve pushed to the way side so I can sleep when I get the chance and maybe I’ll have the energy later to do something. All I do is work then sleep. If I take my medicine late I’ll be up all night which just makes people think I’m avoiding them, but it’s not that. I’m so tired of being tired. Sick of feeling exhausted and it’s not a sickness or anything. all my tests come back fine from the doctor I’m just sleepy. I’m Sleepy,and aggravated, and sad that I can’t just be normal. That I can’t just wake up and be with my family. That I get made fun off because I sleep during all my breaks at work. Berated that all I do is stay up and play video games or whatever even though I go to bed at 7 o’clock every night. I don’t know. I just hate it and was curious if anyone else here dealt with it. Maybe you might have some advice that would help. Maybe not. I just really needed to vent.. I’m sorry.


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