Tomorrow about this time i will be leaving FSU and going home for the summer. i am happy yet i know that will not last. Just tweo more finals and i'm done. Thank God i took three years of chinese in high school. now i just wish i had payed more attention. As for nutrition… i pray that i remember everything needed.

After that. i get to go home. sleep in till who knows when ( around 8 or 9 am.), play with me dogs and make messes. and no. my mother does not mind. she likes when i do stuff like that… and she know i'll clean up afterwards. one of the things i learned while living in the dorms. never leave a mess cuz you don't know if it will bother your roommate. anywho. that will keep me in a good mood for at least two weeks out of the 3 months of vacation i have. but i will try my best.

i'm just worried i will slip into a rally bad depression. and I being a dumbass, haven't looked for a psychiatrist back home. as long as i keep busy i should be okay. but that does not mean i will go to work picking blueberries. even though it does pay good money. never again do i want to go back to the hot sun and dirt boogers. and that is why i am in college. but if push comes to shove i shall have to go, i'll just have to remember not to eat them.

Damn…. i'm getting a bit sad just thinking about everthing that shall happen. My independency shall be gone. my mother will be watching me like a hawk. sometimes i even think she wathches me when i'm napping. but i think thats just her being worried and thinking i might die during my sleep.

and i'm just rambleing on now. sorry. wanted to blog about onething and i it turned into a random ramble. just can't explain what i feelz right now. sorry


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